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Thank you for visiting this page on faith and science, maintained by Karl Heinz Kienitz. This is an English, simplified version of my personal page on faith and science. The full content is available only in the Portuguese version. My academic resume is available in Portuguese.

The purpose of this page is to contribute subsidies to objective reflection on science and the Christian faith, in the tradition of the great scientists with faith in the God of the Bible, the creator and sustainer of all things. Among these scientists are Kepler, Boyle, Ampere, Volta, Pascal, Newton, Leibniz, Cauchy, Euler, Boole, Fresnel, Faraday, Henry, Dalton, Joule, Pasteur, Mendel, Kelvin, Maxwell, Stokes, Riemann, Gibbs, Rayleigh, Compton and Donald Knuth, to mention just a few very well known names. Their lives and work corroborate the basic understanding that "revelational theism has never offered itself as an escape from rationality." (Carl F.H. Henry, Remaking of the modern mind.)

Here you will find an introductory text on science and faith and a comprehensive interview on this topic. You may also want to read my personal perspective on engineering and faith.


Kepler, Ampere, Maxwell, Planck: these and other scientists lived a life of faith in the God of the Bible

A selection of online resources:

o A few articles about science and faith:

o Other documents on science and faith:

o Sites on science and faith:

Books and journals I recommend:

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  • An e-book by Tihomir Dimitrov with quotations from famous scientists on faith and science can be downloaded from here.